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E•f(ec)tive Teachers

Equitable Classrooms

Classroom Grants

To date, E•ƒ(ec) has provided over $500,000 in school staffing, primary literacy support, counseling services, AVID tutors, paraprofessional classroom support, STEM materials, teacher support services, technology, musical instruments, art supplies, and programs, and equitable access to the innovative curriculum.


Children spend over 1,000 hours each year in a classroom. Highly qualified teachers and low teacher-student ratios keep that time E•ƒ(ec)tive and impactful. E•ƒ(ec) members recognized that the most significant need and common request from principals was for additional staffing. Donors have given over half a million dollars to increase staffing in our schools.

E•f(ec)tive Teachers

Teacher Scholarships

Distinguished Teacher Awards: Presented at Evening of Stars, these academic scholarships promote excellence in teaching by providing educators financial support to advance their own career knowledge and skills in specific educational areas and obtain advanced degrees or certification. In the past five years, we’ve awarded over $50,000.

Monthly Apple Awards

During the school year, a $500 prize is awarded monthly to an outstanding teacher to promote excellence in teaching. Any student, parent, administrator or staff member may nominate a teacher for this cash prize. Total Awards Given: $16,000 to 32 teachers.

For Mental Health

For Students

EFEC is committed to identifying and backing a new, more equitable approach to social-emotional learning support for students in schools. We seek to ensure that every Eagle County School is staffed with a behavioral counselor, and that each professional has the resources they need to be effective. EFEC has invested over $300,000 in mental health support for our schools.

For Teachers

While EFEC has always committed to teacher mental health, during the COVID-19 pandemic we learned the increasing need for this work. We have developed and established a menu of immediate and long-term impact programs to support teachers' mental health. The programs are designed to provide time, self-care tools, "brain breaks", and increase morale by expressing gratitude.

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