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Despite Colorado’s booming economy, Eagle County public education is still underfunded by $2,685 per student below the nation average. This has caused a detrimental lack of student services and in-school enrichment programs for Eagle County Schools (ECS).

The Education Foundation of Eagle County – E•ƒ(ec) is committed to supporting the intellectual and emotional development of our students through in-school programs for enrichment, mental health support, and efforts to retain our top teachers.

E•ƒ(ec) has solutions to these school challenges:

  • Help us raise funds to provide mental health services our students’ need
  • Your donation provides innovative classroom enrichment in STEM and arts and music during school 
  • Give to support teaching excellence and help to retain top teachers 

Be part of the solution today, help E•ƒ(ec) fill the state funding gap so all of our students have access to vital in-school mental health services, enrichment programs for enhanced learning opportunities, and exceptional teachers to help them succeed.

Donation Goal: $20,000

$2,665.00 raised

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