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E•ƒ(ec) Distinguished Teacher
Scholarship Awards (DTSA)

E•ƒ(ec)'s Distinguished Teacher Scholarship Awards (DTSA) promote excellence in teaching by providing educators and aspiring educators financial support to obtain licensure or advance their professional knowledge and skills in specific educational areas and obtain advanced degrees or certifications. Eligibility to receive funding requires applicants to commit to three years of public education work for Eagle County School District post-completion of studies.

  • Established in 2001

  • $85,430 awarded in the past six years

  • Benefitting 41 educators since 2013

Distinguished Teacher Scholarships are awarded at E•ƒ(ec)'s annual Evening of Stars celebration. Scholarships are available to staff who wish to continue their education including educational conferences, continuing education units, educational workshops, teacher licensure, language learning opportunities, and seminars. 

Apply Now for a 2024 Scholarship Award


You will need to provide a resume, along with an essay. All materials must be received through this application by Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 10:00 p.m. The application checklist includes:

  • Application Information

  • Financial Information

  • Essay (approximately 2 paragraphs, 250 words)

  • One (1) letter of recommendation

  • Professional Resume

This is a competitive process, and we are committed to distributing funds thoughtfully so that you can pursue your dreams.


Contact Tessa Kirchner at with any questions.

Thank You
To E•ƒ(ec)'s 2024 Distinguished Teacher Scholarship Award Sponsors:
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