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Why We're Needed

The Education Foundation of Eagle County exists because Colorado has a big problem when it comes to properly funding education. 


Colorado and Eagle County continue to face significant challenges in attracting and retaining teachers and school staff. Studies show that teachers are the most significant in-school factor affecting student success. It is impossible to overstate the importance of our educators.

At the Education Foundation of Eagle County, we are proudly the #1 teacher retention effort in Eagle County. We support continuing education, provide resources, and recognize excellence among our community's educators and school support staff to foster retention.

Review our Annual Report for more information.

Other resources:

Are Colorado teachers the nation's most underpaid? (The Chalkbeat, Aug. 19, 2022)

The teacher pay penalty has hit a new high (Economic Policy Institute, Aug. 16, 2022)


Education Foundation of Eagle County (EFEC) is committed to supporting public education and the intellectual and emotional needs of students, especially focusing on in-school programs for enrichment, mental health support, and efforts to attract and retain top teacher talent.


EFEC sees a strong opportunity to help fill gaps in funding and school support, so that all Eagle County students have access to a variety of school enrichment programs.

School enrichment programs span a variety of critical supplemental education programs including music and the arts as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to support students entering into a changing economy, higher education and workforce.

EFEC is committed to identifying and backing a new approach to mental health support for students in schools. We seek to ensure that every Eagle County school is staffed with a mental health professional, and that each professional has the resources they need to be effective.

Through an all-around approach to social and emotional well-being, the development of new therapy programs, training, and funding support, EFEC is committed to making a difference in the mental health of our local youth.

Attracting top teacher talent is critical to the success of education. Demonstrating and rewarding value in our teachers will help us retain them. At EFEC, we support continuing education, encourage partnerships, and recognize excellence among our community’s teachers to foster retention. We’re also working on new funding options that strongly support efforts to bring top-tier talent into our schools.

EFEC provides strong, consistent education for our students, identifying and valuing top teacher talent to ensure strong results in all Eagle County schools.

EFEC actively serves the community as its voice for public education. Not only does EFEC support the school district, but also oversees and advises as necessary for the betterment of education in our schools and our community.

EFEC serves a vital role in education advocacy, watching, listening, and taking action to drive innovation and advancement in education.  

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