Equity is Success for All Students

“On behalf of every teacher from my school and every public school teacher in Eagle County, thank you E•ƒ(ec) for giving us not only the funding necessary to reach all children, but also a foundation of positivity, hope, and knowledge.”
— Beth Cooney, 4th grade teacher

Every fall since 2012, principals and teachers at Eagle County Schools are invited to apply for classroom funding that promotes equity in STEM + Arts and Music. This grant program is an effective approach to empowering ECS teachers in their endeavor to educate with an innovative curriculum that ensures successful outcomes for every student, no matter their social or economic status.

To date, E•ƒ(ec) has provided over $500,000 in school staffing, primary literacy support, counseling services, AVID tutors, paraprofessional classroom support, STEM materials, teacher support services, technology, musical instruments, art supplies, and programs, and equitable access to the innovative curriculum.

This school year's opportunities:

E•ƒ(ec)tive STEM Grants

  • Health Sciences
  • Mental Health Prevention & Support

E•ƒ(ec)tive Arts and Music Enrichment

E•ƒ(ec)tive Equity - This is a more general request for any academic or in-school programming that provides an opportunity for students to achieve success or necessary support services.

2021-22 School year grant applications are currently closed.

*Please continue to check back for future updates on 2022-23 applications.*

Thank You to all of this year's Sponsors: