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Our community and state face significant challenges in attracting and retaining teachers and support staff. E•ƒ(ec) ’s School Staff Support Corps employs a network of paid individuals to cover recess and lunch duty, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best.  

School Staff Support Corps consists primarily of retired Hispanic community members who have raised their families in our schools. The program:

  • Restores teacher planning time

  • Fills critical staffing vacancies

  • Provides flexible work hours and financial support for Hispanic community members 

"The children give me so much purpose.  They fill my heart with love and joy." 

Hilda Ramirez enjoying her time with Homestake Peak School students.

– Rosa Carbajal,
   E•ƒ(ec) Volunteer 
   Corps Coordinator

This program is genuinely making a difference in the lives of the teachers, students, and volunteers. Teachers come to our team gushing in gratitude. Students hug and look up to our volunteers, excited to see them every day.

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