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We are here because Colorado has a long history of underfunding public schools, ranking toward the bottom in spending on education, and pupil-teacher ratio, and ranks last in the nation in providing teachers a competitive wage. 

It’s nearly impossible to make a living as a teacher in Colorado. So what do they do? They go where they’re valued, which is happening at an alarming rate.
- Phil Qualman, Superintendent of Eagle County Schools

The Education Foundation of Eagle County is committed to the intellectual and emotional growth of students, specifically focusing on equitable access to in-school enrichment and mental health support services, as well as efforts to recognize and retain top teacher talent. 



Since 2012
Educator Mental Health Impact


  • Gift of Staff Time: E•ƒ(ec)’s School Support Corps employs a network of paid individuals to cover recess and lunch duty, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best. 

  • $688,420 in The Colorado Health Foundation grants supporting E•ƒ(ec)’s coalition, the B.E. Partners, a partnership led by E•ƒ(ec)’s coordinating in-school providers of behavioral education programming including suicide prevention, maturation, and equity learning.  

Teacher & Educator Impact
Equitable Classrooms
Community Engagement
  • Local Initiative Campaigns

    • 2016: 3A & 3B  - WIN

    • 2020: 5B  - WIN

    • 2023: 5B - WIN

  • State Advocacy 

    • Great Education Colorado BOD

    • State Initiatives in 2018, 2020 & 2022

  • Leadership Development

    • E•ƒ(ec) School Support Staff Corps

    • Student Internships, Volunteer Opportunities, & Engagement Outreach

  • Fiscal Sponsorship

    • Avon Skate Park

    • Eagle County Gives

    • Battle Mountain High School Project Graduation

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