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Yes on 5A & 5B - Eagle County



The Colorado education funding crisis is a direct result of state-level, voter-approved policies. E•ƒ(ec) programs address immediate classroom needs. However, E•ƒ(ec)s approach to solving the education funding emergency is to engage and inform our community about policies that compromise our kids’ ability to learn, thrive, and grow. E•ƒ(ec)’s impact is represented in the community campaigns listed below.  Since 2011 E•ƒ(ec)’s advocacy & campaign work have resulted in the infusion of over $228M local dollars to Eagle County Schools. 

2023 E•f(ec) Advocacy

In 2023, E•ƒ(ec) is actively campaigning two ballot questions that work together to strengthen our local schools and community to help retain and attract quality teachers and staff, build employed housing, expand early childhood education, enhance safety and security in our schools, and provide student mental health supports. 

5A Mill Levy Override invests in teachers, kids, and mental health.​

5B Bond invests in critical employee housing and early childhood facilities.

2019 - 2021 E•f(ec) Advocacy

Successful public campaign supporting 2021 ballot measure 5B, raising awareness of student mental health needs, the successes gained by restoring counselor positions, the importance of social-emotional learning, prevention and resiliency education in school. The measure successfully removed an impending 2023 sunset of the $8.5M per year funding received from the passage of 3A in 2016.

2011 - 2016 E•f(ec) Advocacy

In 2016, E•ƒ(ec) raised $105,000 to reach out and engage with local voters to present on benefits of local funding solutions culminating in two successful ballot initiative campaigns:

3A Mill Levy Override: Infused Eagle County Schools with $8.5M annually for sustainable teacher and staff pay increases and curriculum funding. This funding also restored counselor and enrichment teacher positions that had been eliminated due to perpetual education budget cuts.

3B Bond: Provided $154M in one-time funding for 17 schools in deferred school building maintenance, repairs, and renovations; updated security at every school; technology upgrades; and construction of four new schools. 

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